Dale and Lisa Caudill Community Fund Announced
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Steuben County Community Foundation announced a new community fund on Wednesday morning. In honor of two valued individuals, Dale and Lisa Caudill have been active community members since moving to Steuben County 30 years ago.

Lisa currently serves on the SCCF grants committee. At a recent committee meeting, she had a “light bulb moment.” Lisa realized that the community foundation is a way to learn what the nonprofits are needing in that from the perspective of an individual who wants to get involved. In July of 2019, they established the Dale and Lisa Caudill Community Fund to do just that.

Dale and Lisa hope to use their Donor Advised Fund to support nonprofits that are providing crucial services and innovative programs for local community members. Individuals can establish donor advised funds through Steuben County Community Foundation to learn about upcoming local initiatives and support projects that benefit Steuben County. Donor advised funds are permanently invested, and the donors make recommendations for how to utilize the earnings to support community projects.