Steuben County Implements New Emergency Notification Service
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Steuben County – Steuben County is now providing year round residents the opportunity to visit the counties web page, and sign up for CodeRED. This is a new emergency notification service that alerts residents about severe weather conditions in the area, directly to their phone. This system is designed to provide time critical information to those who may be in an area where an emergency is taking place.

Visitors of Steuben County can still visit the National Weather Service page at www.weather.gov and choose a free cell phone application platform to receive severe weather notifications as well.

Steuben County also uses a secondary system known as IPAWS to send emergency notifications to all cell phones in the county. This will inform users of serious events such as Amber Alerts and Emergency Broadcasts.

Steuben County Emergency Management will use both the CodeRED and IPAWS Mass Public Notification System ONLY during Severe Emergencies where life and property are at risk. If the emergency is taking place in a localized area, only folks that will be directly impacted will receive a notification via the CodeRED or IPAWS system. The system is not designed to send out information to those who will not be impacted by severe weather or other dangerous situations.

Steuben County Emergency Management urges all local residents to take the time to sign up for the CodeRED text notifications system and also click the option for severe weather information.

To sign up, visit the link below.