Quincy Schools Closed Thursday And Friday Due To Social Media Post
Friday, December 8, 2023

QUINCY, Mich. – For the second straight day, Quincy Community Schools are closed due to social media post.

A message was posted on the Quincy Community Schools Facebook page Thursday night by Superintendent Marc Kramer, says the District received another picture with a caption that contains a concerning message.

The message was found again on social media.

Kramer says this message is general and does not threaten any specific person or group of people or building.

The Quincy Police Department has been notified and the message was shared with them.

An investigation has been launched.

With this new development, Kramer says Quincy Community Schools will be closed again on Friday.

He apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause but says Quincy Schools must take appropriate precautions to provide a safe environment for their students and staff.

Quincy Community Schools were closed Thursday after a post was found Wednesday on social media that was concerning to school staff.

If you have any additional information that would be helpful to this investigation, you can e-mail Kramer at kramerm@quincyschools or call 517-639-7141.