Fremont Junior Delaney Bock Give Vision For Hope Mission
Monday, February 26, 2024

FREMONT - A Fremont High School junior is collecting old eyeglasses for a worthy cause.

Delaney Bock, a junior at Fremont is spearheading her mission project to help give eyeglasses to the people of Liberia in Africa.

Bock's project, "Give Vision for Hope," collects old eyeglasses and donates them to those in need in Liberia.

She said the idea for her project came after she heard from a missionary at her church, Fairview Missionary Church.

He shared his experiences from a recent trip to Liberia.

Bock said, "I thought, I wonder how many of those kids can't see?"

"I also thought, I had so many eyeglasses laying around my house, and I bet a lot of people do too."

So she started an eyeglasses collection drive. In round one she collected over 200 pairs. And now on her round two she already had 400 pairs.

Bock explains she collects the glasses, cleans them, reads them in order to get the prescriptions, then she bags them up to be shipped to Liberia.

"I cannot imagine not being able to see. The things they go through is already bad enough," said Bock.

"But not being able to see? I just cannot imagine that. And that gives them a little bit of hope."

Community members interested in donating their old glasses to Bock's, "Give Vision for Hope," mission can drop off at one of the following six locations; The Pink Dandelion Boutique in Fremont, Fairview Missionary Church in Angola, Fremont Elementary School, Fremont Middle School, Fremont High School and at Trine University's inside Shambaugh Hall.

Listen to Delaney Bock speak about her mission "Give Vision for Hope," with WLKI's Andy St. John LINKA.