Howe Military Academy Tanker Heads to New Home
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

HOWE, IN - Another iconic piece of the Howe Military Academy rolled away on Tuesday, as the tank that sat on the grounds for a number of years will have a new home.

Had the new caretakers not been able to drive it up on the trailer to haul it away, it would have cost them reportedly another $10,000 to get it on a hauling trailer. It just so happened that a Vietnam Veteran who lives about 4 miles west of Orland in rural Howe worked on tanks during the war. He hadn’t touched a tank since around 1966, but with a quick look, he knew it was just a wire that got cut which connected the starter.

Many have wondered “who bought the tank” and “how much it sold for”, but since it is government property it wasn’t sold. Instead, it will have a new home.

Along with many other iconic statues and pieces from the Howe Academy grounds, the tank will go to the Wayne County Veterans Memorial Park in Richmond, Indiana.